Academics lead Army’s starting LT to ‘pursue degree elsewhere’

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Re: Academics lead Army’s starting LT to ‘pursue degree elsewhere’

Post by PrideandDream » Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:59 am

Slow down Rabble. In general I would agree that the taxpayer's should get there return on their investment. West Point isn't free and we exchange our time of service for education. But if we get all righteous about this as a blanket statement for all cadets it's a dark path with lots of twists and turns. The Academy must have discretion on a case by case basis. One example is that Cadets must pass a pre commissioning physical before they graduate. Many times in probably nearly every class we have guys/girls not commissioned due to being physically unqualified for all kinds of different things (Asthma, knees and shoulders that have been reconstructed, head injuries, etc). West Point is a physical place that takes it's toll on cadets and in turn so does the Army. It's not always the Cadets fault that they can't graduate or pass the physical. Same goes with Academics sometimes. There have been Cadets that have gone to extraordinary measures to pass academically and didn't...though it's pretty rare. We want the Dean, Supt, Comm, to have the DISCRETION, to make these decisions. And don't get started on the money especially with football because these players could argue that they generate significant value and revenue for the academy outside of their peers yet still serve the same ADSO. So maybe those that serve deserve remuneration? The Academies are a special and different place and the last thing we need is a conflict about money and who is paying for what because in my opinion it's Pandora's box. I with this young man well. I don't know him but if he's chosen to leave this far in I know it wasn't an easy decision and he will live with it for the rest of his life. I trust the Senior Leaders have helped make the best overall decision for USMA and Taxpayers as well given the circumstances.
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