Jake Marion gives Army a long range kicking threat

Jake Marion (L) and Chris Sailer (R)
Jake Marion (L) and Chris Sailer (R) Source: Twitter

It is time to give a much-maligned position some love today as the Army Black Knights picked up the commitment of kicker Jake Marion out of North Davidson (Lexington, NC) High School.

Kicker Jake Marion
Jake Marion (Twitter)
In an ironic nickname situation, the 5-foot-10, 180 pound prospect will remain a Black Knight in college, as this is also the name of his high school team.

The 247Sports Composite Rankings don’t do a whole lot of work with kickers in their system, so instead Chris Sailer Kicking is the source being used for information. By this system, Marion is a 5-star prospect. That means that he has kicked well enough in high school and in various camps and clinics to be seen as a “FBS Power 5 Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick”. This is the highest grade attainable in this particular ranking system.

Marion is a player that is very highly regarded in kicking circles. He has a strong leg and has range that is over 50 yards and creeping into the 55+ yard range. He is also going to be an asset for Army in the field position game as his kickoffs are among the best in the entire class. That is because he has the range to get the ball deep, while also having the technique to hang the ball in the air.

Jake Marion Scouting Report

Marion is also an All-Conference punter and this gives Army options in how they want to develop Marion and what role the Black Knights coaching staff wants him to fill. Marion’s highlight tape is impressive. He has a consistent strike of the ball and he never seems to be reaching for extra power. The result of that is that his kicks are straight and true with most clearing the crossbar with at least five yards to spare. Consistency and mechanics are everything in kicking and Jake Marion has both dialed in.

Jake Marion Highlights

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