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Caution would tell me to stop . . .

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But I can't. Steelman's ultimate performance, in the 2012 Navy game, was inevitable. He fumbled like three times in his first game ever, against E. Michigan, as a plebe starter. One of my most shocking memories was in the first SDSU game in Michie, late in the game. I was watching from the South end zone as we drove for a touchdown at the North end. We were down on about the 3, 1st and goal to go, when Steelman gets under center and all of a sudden the balls shoots straight up between his hands to about 6 ft off the turf. Everyone is stunned, the D stands transfixed, and the ball comes right back into his hands and he bulls in for a TD. Who knows, someone forgot the count, he pulled back too early? Complete clown show. Ellerson ball.

So Steelman screwing up the mesh on the 7 yd line when in the final seconds of his last game we're about to go in for the winning TD against Navy is entirely consistent. He fumbled, a lot. He knew it, the coaches knew it, Ellerson knew it, but no one did anything about it, for 4 yrs. Tragic fate? No, ineptitude that no one was willing to make an effort to correct.

Recalling Steelman/Ellerson memories is like "eating shards of glass while staring into the abyss". Time for another martini. Gordon's, up with a twist.
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