Army can win the next 3 and bowl hope continues.

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Army can win the next 3 and bowl hope continues.

Post by OptionThis »

Based on yesterday’s beat down of the Minutemen and the near miss in Colorado Springs this team has finally lived up to its potential, can win out and even has an outside shot at a bowl.

First, for those that diminish the win over UMASS, that was a D-1 team offering full scholarships. That has traditionally been enough for a team to give Army problems. Not yesterday. Yesterday’s Army team dominated every aspect of the game following up an improved performance against AF.

Second, Army has to bring it’s A game against Hawaii and Navy but both can be beaten. Yesterday San Jose State came within 2 points of beating them on their island. AF crushed them and others without stellar credentials (Fresno State) have as well. Navy of course has rebounded but is certainly beatable. JM and his assistants will have a few weeks to try to plan schemes to contain their dynamic QB but again, doable.

Third, if Army does its part and wins out we gotta think some or several bowl sponsors will wait on the chance to pick the team. No offense to the directional schools, other MAC schools and some new D-1 programs but Army with it’s willing to travel fans has to be a more attractive team to slot into a bowl.

As I started with, lots has to go right, but a very possible outcome.
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Re: Army can win the next 3 and bowl hope continues.

Post by gabn92 »

I like the optimism...but I don't know how realistic it is to think any bowl is going to wait until the 14th of December to offer Army? We may be more attractive than Directional U, but there are a lot of other, advertising, logistics, etc. that factor into that invite and waiting a week could make some of those things much more difficult.

I do agree Army can win out. We're still not hitting on all cylinders...but they are showing improvement and hopefully as some of the injured players can get healthy, it will be the Army team we all expected to see that travels to HI and Philly.
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Re: Army can win the next 3 and bowl hope continues.

Post by RABBLE »

You can't have it both ways. We have to play the A/N game to get that exclusive coverage when all other teams have completed their schedules. That exclusive coverage gets us the money. We must sacrifice a bowl bid sometimes on a season when we split the wins and the losses. It is the chance we have to take.
Money for A/N or sometimes get left out of bowl opportunity.
Win the majority of our regular season games and there would be no problem. You don't, you lose.
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