Reassgnment of LTC Vindman

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Reassgnment of LTC Vindman

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Quick post, don't have time for a long one. Just saw on line that President Trump is moving to remove LTC Vindman from his White House staff position, and that LTC Vindman will be reassigned to elsewhere in the Defense Department. On top of the pardoning of service members convicted of war crimes, his bad-mouthing of GEN Mattes after Mattes stepped down as Secretary of Defense, and his total inability to understand that the oath we take is to the US Constitution - and not to Donald Trump personally - this action only cements in my mind that we have a Commander in Chief who is totally unaware of our military values, and unfit to fill that role. Comments?

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Re: Reassgnment of LTC Vindman

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The oath does say something about obeying the orders of the POTUS. Apparently he was back stabbing the president and leaking information to the press. This guy is a political activist. You're not supposed to do that, in uniform at least. I agree that Trump has shown that he doesn't have much knowledge of the values and norms of the military. His comments about McCain were wrong, He probably shouldn't have interfered with the war crimes verdict. I think he thought he was saving a faithful veteran. When you let war criminals go it sends a message that you can get away with that kind of thing. Vindman is about to go to the Army War College in a couple months. He'll be okay.
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