Week 9 Service Academy Football Predictions

Army-Navy 2018 march on

Another rough week here, but if anyone in the whole entire world picked Army and Wake to finish 70-56 in the favor of the Demon Deacons then they automatically win at life. The Black Knights are off this week – as is Air Force as the two prepare to meet on the first weekend in November.

Week Results: 1-2. Army-Wake Forest was just a nonsense game. Air Force-San Diego State felt like a tossup going in and that is how it worked out.

Closest Pick: Navy losing was the only one that I got right, but I was only nine points out with it. So I will take that as a win.

Season Results: 12-9 (57.1%). Last week I was at (61.1%).

Navy @ Tulsa (Friday night) – Navy really could have upset the applecart – and potentially changed the direction of the College Football Playoff  this season – if the Mids had been able to drive for a late touchdown after recovering an onside kick against Cincinnati last weekend. While that didn’t happen – and while encouraging defeats are still defeats – it was great to see the Mids be competitive with one of the best teams in the entire country.

The Mids are 1-6 and on a three-game losing streak, but it doesn’t feel like complete doom and gloom like that record would usually indicate. The Mids still aren’t scoring enough – they average just 17.9 points on the year which is good for 122nd in the nation, but against a Tulsa defense that gives up 32.4 points per game (109th in the nation) they should get some joy. If the Mids can control clock and slow Tulsa down like they did the Bearcats – Cincinnati was held to under 280 yards of total offense – then this is winnable. Navy 27, Tulsa 24.

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